The Neurology department presents the services related to the diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment of the nervous system diseases. The diseases depending on the brain, spinal cord, peripheric nerves, and muscles are included in the nervous system diseases.

The Units Serving in the Neurology Department

  • Electrophysiology laboratory
  • Computerized EEG
  • Computerized EMG
  • Headache Polyclinic
  • General Neurology Polyclinic

The Neurologic diseases can emerge with many different complaints. Among the complaints there are headache, vertigo, imbalance, diplopia, gait disorders, cramps, muscle weaknesses, abnormalities in the eye movements, the ache in the waist-leg?, neck pain, numbness in arms and legs, amnesia, personality changes, faint, sleep disorders, and speech disorders. This kind of complaints may be insignificant, but they can indicate important etiologic problems. Thus, they should not be ignored and should be examined by a specialist.

In Private Anatolia Hospital Neurology Department

The diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases are carried out:

  • Brain attack (Paralysis)
  • The pains of head-neck and face
  • Epilepsy (Falling Sickness)
  • Dementia (Dotage)
  • The pains of the waist-leg and neck
  • Peripheric nervous damage, peripheric neuropathies
  • Movement disorders
  • Parkinson disease
  • Muscular Diseases
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Central Nervous System infections
  • Spinal cord pathologies
  • Facial Palsies (Peripheric facial Paralysis)

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