It is a test in which the photographs and motion videos have been taken for the cardiac catheterization ventricular function, coronary arteries and coronary angioplasty; and it is also instructive to remove the cardiologic problems interventionally. It has been equipped with the last model devices. As a general rule, when the cardiac catheterization mentioned, the coronary angiography comes to mind. The coronary angiography is generally applied when there is a strong clinic suspect about the coronary cardiac disease or because of an abnormal noninvasive evaluation. The purpose is to determine the spreading and the detection of the severity of the cardiac disease and the treatment choice which will be applied (By-pass surgery, angioplasty, and medical treatment).

The cardiac catheter can be used in order to open a narrowed cardiac valve, coronary artery or a graft of bypass at the same time. In addition to the classic ballons, the atherectomy devices, stent, laser angioplasty can be used to open the occluded or narrowed veins. The stents are the structures that prevent the blood vessel walls from adhering mutually, and they are steel constructions that keep the vessel open. Angioplasty (PTCA) is the non-surgical opening of the narrowed or occluded coronary vessel without giving any general anesthesia. Nowadays, with the availability of the coronary stents and the successful application of the other new techniques, and sub anti-platelet treatment, the types and quantity of the occlusions, in which the angioplasty has been applied, and accordingly the need for by-pass has reduced.

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