Human side of quality

The patient satisfaction is the basis for Anatolia Hospitals. There is a need for sufficient number of medical work force in terms of quality and quantity as well as the proper organization for a qualified medical service. Investments have been made in human quality in order to provide this. Educated and expert staff has been giving service in every area of our hospitals. As medical services cannot be postponed and replaced, a modern substructure has been formed in Anatolia Hospitals in accordance with the requirements of the modern medical understanding.

The proper and rightful usage of the newest facilities presented by the technology is one of the main factors which provide the society, family, and individuals getting service with a multiple security and satisfaction. In addition to this, the supply of work force having a maximum respect for patients and quality, which is the main factor in the presentation of medical services, is crucial. The continuous improvement and reformation programmes have been applied in Anatolia Hospitals in order to obtain a much better quality than the extant quality.

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