Tourism in Kemer began to brighten up in terms of facility and the number of visitor in 1990s. The leading holidayvillages got famous, a development in tourism started through the natural beauties and good substructure of Kemer.In that period, the medical services of Kemer were only provided by the governmental agencies. Only a few generalpractitioner, including the partners of the company in the present time, tried to response the medical needs of both native and foreign guests in Kemer. The fact that some of these doctors knew a foreign language, was evaluatedbythe rest areas with the demands of in-situ service and these doctors began to be the doctors of hotels and holidayvillages at the same time.

However, they confronted with the fact that there was a much more need for doctors and medical service. This necessity in the region was appreciated well by the partners of the company and “Kemer Medical Center Private Medical Services Tourism and Trade JSC“ which was founded in 1993 in association with other doctors in Kemer, and the first and only private medical foundation of Kemer, “Private Kemer Clinic”, was put into service.

In this way, the private medical services of the region were offered by Private Kemer Clinic with an increasing rate every year. Despite of everything, since the secondary medical service was not enough, the transfer of patient was intensively required again; the need for a general hospital was noticed in Kemer when this situation was evaluated by the partners of the company. The first private hospital of Kemer, “Kemer Anatolia Hospital”, was opened in 1997. Its outstanding services carried the hospital to success in a short period. A good knowledge and management information were reached in touristic activities by means of the essential enterprises at the right time in staff recruitment and with the administrative contributions as the company and groupl.

Through these accumulations, in 2002, a hospital investment was decided in Belek region, which had a high touristic capacity but no hospital until that time, and provided primary treatments. As a result of intensive endeavors, “Belek Anatolia Hospital” began to provide service in tourism season in 2003. It had been known for a long time that there was a need for a highly qualified general hospital. Both the rapid increase in the population of Antalya and the need of people for a private service led our company to make the investment on a modern hospital with a high capacity in the center of Antalya. As a result of this investment, “Antalya Anatolia Hospital” was put into service in 2005.

Antalya Anatolia Hospital reached the position of the tertiary hospital with its intensive care units (Maternity, Reanimation, Coronary etc.), surgery rooms in which open heart surgeries are operated, fully equipped laboratories, and developed radiological imagining units and the advantage of containing the whole branches in itself in a short time, and began to accept transfers from Kumluca to Gazipaşa, from all the places of Antalya, and the provincial environment such as Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, Denizli, Konya, and Mersin.

After a short time since the establishment of Antalya Anatolia Hospital, on this level, we noticed how true it is to provide service to the patients with a staff in this extent and with the latest technology of the world, and how both the natives and the foreign guests needed this service. When the importance of the hospitals on “this level” was understood much more, Side Anatolia investment was decided in 2006 by foreseeing that an investment of a hospital with a high level was going to be true and useful in all terms in Side region as well.

Our hospital, which is at the same Standards with Antalya Anatolia and has a very important position like Side, was also put into service in the middle of the year 2007 (10.08.2007).

Our company has raised its number of hospitals to 6 by buying Alanya Can Hospitals, and has completed the last ring in the east of Antalya bay. Can Hospitals, which has a respected name in the region of Alanya, has continued to service with its renown high medicinal technological substructure and experienced staff of doctors in accordance with the name and mission of Antalya Anatolia Hospitals. Alanya Anatolia Hospitals will continue to provide the precious public in Alanya region by bringing an international quality with high level medicinal renovations in the region.

Our desire and intention is to present our 18 years of experience (1993-2011) and saving for both our public and the local and foreign guests coming to our country-vicinity for a holiday.

Our group buying again in 2014 to develop the method of continued in Serik and adding the Aspendos Hospital “Aspendos Anadolu hospital” continues to serve as the. Aspendos Anadolu hospital with a lot of branches in the region and in the possibilities, and the people of the region and serves domestic and foreign guests.

Our group buying again the next investment at the beginning of 2015 with the method and has been the center of Antalya province. Antalya City Centre’s increasing population and the development in the direction of East and West, but especially the increase in investment has promoted our Lara. “Private Antalya Med Line as consisting of 2 blocks from hospital” hospital, still a level 3 hospital kom “Lara in the diversity and quality of services as” Anadolu hospital increase will continue. Lara also new branches and our group with Anadolu hospital medical unit offering to step in, and these are particularly in “Oncology” in Antalya and Turkey don’t be ambitious planning around. Due to its unique feature of our group still with the most advanced technology and top level teams developing with international Oncology service perspective. Our group, “health tourism” is the focus of this field will configure the policy, Antalya and Turkey will offer the service, so that local patients “are entitled to a top-level oncology services”.

Group 22-year tourism health service report in the regions where the ring again, the accumulation of advanced medical service presentation experience, raising the service quality of new investments and intends to maintain. Very experienced managers and open management approach with very valuable with physicians and health workers in the area and would continue to grow outside the region, health tourism will bring significant strides to Antalya in the category.

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